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The Lite-Walker® is an aluminum sheet and post trailer designed specifically for the customer who needs a lighter weight trailer. The multiple weight saving features of the Lite-Walker® do not sacrifice the strength or structure of the trailer. Your choice of stainless steel or aluminum crossmembers and rear units are just two examples of the weight saving options available.

Lite-Walkers® are designed primarily for the feed, seed and fertilizer industries, these trailers offer durability with the added rigidity of the external post. Different sheet thicknesses are available as well as other options to meet your needs.

Please be sure to ask us about Lite-Walker® packages when shopping for your new Wilkens trailer.


  • Lightest Weight Trailer
  • Durable & Flexible With Added Rigidity
  • External Post
  • Stainless Steel Fasteners


Here you will find a list of the specifications for the Wilkens Lite-Walker® Trailers

Specs Standard Features Additional Available Options
Length 40' to 53' Custom Lengths Available
Side & Overall Height Choice Your Choice, Any Increments
Open-Top Flat Top Cathedral Top
Width 96" Wide 102" Wide
Box Straight or Wedged Wedge is Front to Rear Height
Wheel Wells Choice Choice
5th Wheel Height Choice (49" is Std) Choice to Perfectly Match Your Truck
Kingpin Setting 24" to 60" Choice to Meet Your Requirements
Upper Coupler Domex With Grease Saver Rods Heavy Duty Upper Coupler - Slip Discs
Panels .063" - White or Black Finish .050" (WS) - .125" - Other Colors Available
Post Centers 14.75" 21.75" (WS) - Custom Spacing Available
Crossmembers Steel All Aluminum - Mix of Steel & Aluminum (WS)
Crossmember Centers 12" to 24" Custom Spacing Available
Landing Gear Jost 2-Speed Holland - Hydraulic - Aluminum (WS) - Choice
Subframe Steel I-Beam Steel Z-Frame (WS)
Undercarriage Finish Black Undercoat Painted Undercarriage - Choice of Color
Suspension Tandem - Air Ride Choice up to (4) Axle
Axles Pro-Par TP Lift & Dump Axles, Steerable Axles
Axle Centers 49" to 180" Custom Spacing Available
Manual Air Dump Mounted at Landing Gear Consult Your Salesperson
Hub & Drum Steel Hub - Cast Drum Centrifuse Drums (WS) - Disc Brakes
Brakes 16.5" X 7" Q-Series 8 5/8" Brakes - Extended Life Lining - Disc Brakes
Rim Hub-Pilot - Unimount Consult Your Salesperson
Wheels Steel - White Finish Aluminum (WS) - Polish - Dura-Bright
Tires Goodyear Any Brand, Any Size
ABS Brakes 1S/2M (2) Wheels 1S/4M (4) Wheels (Std on Spread Axles)
Mud-Flaps Anti-Spray - Anti Sail Additional Flaps & Fenders
Drive Unit Keith 3" RFII DX Drive 3 1/2" Bore - Other Units Available
Flooring Perfect Seal Overlap Choice of Aluminum, UHMW (WS)
Subfloor Aluminum Consult Your Salesperson
T-Blocks UHMW
Hydraulic Hoses (2) 3/4" X 10' Choice of Length & Diameter
Hydraulic Fittings Choice
Slope Board Removable Folding Slope Board
Side Seal Flat Aluminum Aluminum or Stainless 45 Degree
Nose 4 1/4" or 19" Bullnose Kingpin Setting Restrictions Apply
Nose Finish Smooth Stainless Steel - Quilted - Skinned Nose
Catwalk Aluminum With Handrail Consult Your Salesperson
Ladders Cast Aluminum Ladder Style or Folding Steps
Rear Unit Aluminum Stainless Steel
Bumper Aluminum DOT Safety Narrow ICC Style - Tipper Bumper - Stainless Steel
Doors Double Barn Door - Composite Hollowcore (WS) - Sgl Door - Dutch Door - Choice Hinge
Door Latch (2) Steel Rods (Each Door) Polished Stainless Steel or Painted
Tarps 18 oz., Choice of Color 18 oz., Choice of Color
Tarp System Roll Over With (5) Ratchets Shur-Lok® - Electric - Choice of Roll
Tarp Crank Front or Rear Slip-Joint - Removable - Splined
Tarp Bows Tarp Bows Light Weight - Heavy Duty - Aluminum - Stainless Steel
Air Scale Built-In 3rd Glad Hand Digital Scales
Electrical (1) Grote Main 7-Way Different Styles & Pins Available
Lighting Grote High Count LED Choice
Other Popular Options Not Listed, But Not Limited To: Added Safety Features, Rear Header Turn Signals, Top Hats, Hubdometer, Inboard & Removable Hoppers, Corded & Cordless, Remotes, Interior Liners, Vents, Broom & Shovel Holders, Tire Carriers, Tow Hooks, High Pressure Filters, Sweep Tarps (Manual & Automatic), Tarp Supports, Wear Bars (Floor), Cargo Lights, Back-Up Lights, Self-Contained Hydraulic Units, Product Guards, Illuminated Flap Hangers, Rear Unit Tarp Bibs, Toolboxes…More Options Available!

WS = Weight Saver